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Improve your health and well-being on-the-go!

STABLE=WRIST elevates your wrist/arm to assist in reducing wrist fatigue and curving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The longer your wrist rests on a desk over time, the more susceptible you are to encounter one of the above mentioned painful and annoying events. Perfect for work-at-home, gaming, travel and even works as a phone holder! Hah, go figure. 30-Day money back guarantee.

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Not only STABLE=WRIST will outlast any traditional wrist rest, it's far more comfortable, portable and sustainable!

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More than eight million people are affected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome each year in the U.S. Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the second most common type of musculoskeletal surgery, with well over 230,000 procedures performed annually.

Source: Orthopedic Center of Arlington


We're NOT baiting 🤩 Real reviews from real customers!

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